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Actually the luminaries and planets are not fixed but constantly rotating. Find Your Karma through your Lunar Nodes. If you find yourself pondering your life path, or muddled over what you were born to do, exploring the Lunar Nodes can point you in the right direction. Not only can you get an idea of what your future holds, but you can discover your karmic past. Starting off, you will want to locate your north node by astrological sign.

The north node will give you a good idea of where you are going in life and provide insights into the purpose in our lives. Astrological Key to the Secret Doctrine. New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller.

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Team Astrology. Books in Category Astrology And Geomancy. The Enneagram is Astrology! Alan Meece. Free Online Horoscope, Astrology, Numerology by - fatewatch. Your Birthday, Your Tree and their meanings wowzone. Find your birthday and its corresponding tree. Then, see the meaning behind it below.

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Do you recognize yourself? Although the most common Return charts are Solar and Lunar Returns, the Venus Return is a surprisingly revealing forecasting tool. A chart is drawn for the moment that Venus returns each year to its position at birth, and this Venus Return chart is then interpreted.

Online Daily Panchangam , Richard Tarnas, Ph. Birth charts. Read Blogs. In-Depth Free Readings. Astrology Land. Zodiac Society. Free Mayan Astrology Readings! Printing InstructionsThese instructions are for a desktop printer which prints on the back of the paper as to when fed into the printer. You may have to manually re-order each paper sheet order before printing the backs depending on your printer. Download the image archive and the Daykeeper rtf file above. Unzip the image archive and save the files in the locations specified for your operating system.

The images need to be stored in the exact folders, the Daykeeper rtf file looks for the images there. The Daykeeper rtf file may be located anywhere. Test how to turn over the papers to print on the back.

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Print the entire day planner. There are 12 pieces of paper used when printed on both sides. Make sure the wavespell numbers are in order.

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Fold the day planner and staple on the crease. Use a long reach stapler or open a small stapler up and manually bend the staples or make holes in the crease and stitch. KMT Astrology - Home. Zodiac Signs Love Compatibility. Sun Signs in the Zodiac Astrology Information. Scorpio Daily Horoscope. Astrology classes taught locally-astrology classes listed by city and state in the U.

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It can be used by people with any level of experience, from novice to professional. Although this may sound impossible, we have made it possible by having well organized menus; novices can stick to the basics, and experts use the advanced features. Kepler provides interpretations and analysis of individuals, relationships, and future trends. Kepler also provides a huge number of technical calculations for the advanced or professional astrologer. The Kepler program provides a comprehensive set of tools that is useful for a wide range of interests.

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Whether your interest is learning astrology, research, advanced techniques, beautiful graphics, or having attractive chart wheels and accurate interpretations, Kepler can deliver what you need. Also compatible with either 32 bit or 64 bit operating system.

Speakers are not required but are recommended. Kepler also runs on Mac computers with Windows Operating System installed. Kepler is a revolutionary product unlike anything else: so complete and easy to use that a complete novice can use it to obtain useful information, but so sophisticated that it uses cutting edge astrological theory harmonics and cosmobiology, for example, to produce some of the interpretive reports - don't worry, you don't need to understand what these are to use Kepler!

Kepler is a complete astrological software system that provides a huge number of technical calculations, interpretations, astrological education, a Multimedia presentation, graphics, etc. Accuracy and Time Range of Calculations: Planets can be calculated from the years BC to AD, except the asteroids and 8 transneptunian planets which in some cases cannot be calculated before AD.

Accuracy of all planets is less than 1 second of arc.