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Numerology: Secrets of your Birthday - 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th: Number 2 Life Path - Michele Knight

Mom died at 32… I always wondered why I have so many double numbers born at Amazing and beyond accurate. Even looking back at my life at the age of 28, significant in the passing of my father but true insight to my future. You rock! Exactly same for me.. Your email address will not be published.

Numerology ~ Your Birth Number

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Birthday Number 11

Learn how your comment data is processed. If you were born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st day of any month your numerology life path is a 4. Skip to content. Did you love this page?

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How to Calculate Your Numerology Birth Path

They have to study how to show support without showing it not an easy task, isn't it? If Number 11 will suspect, that you take him as a weak person - he will be seriously insulted and will immediately rejects your support. Friends and spouses of such people should be able to be leaders, when necessary, and followers, when required. The main thing here is to know: when you must lead and when you must follow.

In addition, the partner of Number 11 should be smart and able to communicate on a spiritual level. These people need to be encouraged, than they will not fall into depression or despair. They are quite unpredictable sometimes, but it is a great pleasure to communicate with them at all levels. In addition those born under Number 11 are able to really appreciate your tact, loyalty and sincerity.


Number 11 in general is a great number. They are very active and they are always ready to implement their plans. Missed opportunities should not discourage them. They need to develop patience and keep their ambitions "on the leash". People of Number 11 should stay away from the unreasonable desires and remain within certain limits. Here they may need help from their loved ones who tactfully and diplomatically should direct them from the side of unrealizable desires on a path, where there is more chances to succeed.

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Numerology: Secrets of Your Birthday 7th, 16th, 25th – Number 7 Life Path

They show interest in spiritual and occult sciences. They become famous and popular persons. They are simple and calm. They work hard to reach their goals. Some are social reformers. They are good at executing their duties. On the negative side, if planet Saturn is not well placed in their horoscope, they become dishonest people. They may cheat others and do all fraudulent things. They are independent and aggressive in nature.

They love sports. They have good administrative skills. These people have good determination. They are successful people. They have a short temper and fighting spirit. Some of them become great Yogis. If the planet Mars is weak in the horoscope, they become cowards. Health issues like boils, ulcers due to the excess of heat are likely to occur. Numerology should be used in fusion with your Birthchart to enhance positive energy for you.

Numerology can be used as follows:.

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You can name your Newborn child using numerology infusion with Birthstar Nakshatra. Number Personality Numerology. Previous Post Next Post. You may also like March 27, November 18, September 11, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. All people born on 5,14,23 of any month belong to No. All people born on 6,15,24 of any month belong to No.

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