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However, shortly after the introduction of internet,this definition of addiction has been widened into a broader sense due to the birth ofinternet addiction disorders and the most common one is the Facebook Addiction Mootee, Facebook Addiction Disorder FAD is now being introduced by psychologists as a form of addiction abscbnnews.

Instead ofaccomplishing certain tasks,Facebook addictsuse Facebook as an escape. Although no absolute empirical data can determine the new form of addiction, it is apparent that it is worsening in terms of Facebook usage. The widespread Facebook addiction in the country can be explained by various factors which constantly influence Filipinos. Elvin and Radwan cited in their internet articles that unfulfilled social needs and social approval are some of thereasons of social networking addiction.

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In an economically depressed country like the Philippines, there are many social issues that have not been resolved through the years and one of which is prostitution. Aside from the social problems which cause Facebook addiction, Elvin added that the availability of Facebook on mobile phones alsointensifies the cases of this type of addiction. The country has been nicknamed as the texting capital of the world several years ago and now surveys revealed that Philippines has the highest percentage of Facebook users in relation to its total number of internet users facebookphilippines.

These surveys only show thatmobile phone hasits part in the worsening Facebook usage in the country. In addition, Filipino culture has a great implication on the status of FB addiction in the country.

The country has obviously a young population, based on the age distribution of population, which is why the Filipino youth are fragile to these kinds of phenomenon. Another significant factor which worsens FB addiction in the country is our attraction to modern technology. As mentioned earlier, the country has been considered as the texting capital of the world and the highest number of Facebook users in relation to its internet users.

Furthermore, the unregulated mass media intensifies the worsening Facebook addiction in the country. Advertisements and online shopping worsen Facebook addiction in the country becauseit gives the user a more accessible and comfortable way ofengaging in business transactions though they are not secure.

These factors, when summed up, contribute to the individual reasons why Filipino youth are addicted to Facebook. On May ,based on the statistics by Socialbakers, 24 Facebook accounts were already created by Filipinosand the country ranked no.

Another astonishing statistics by braincontour. Currently, the Philippines ranks no.

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Although internet services are not yet available in far-flung areas of the country, these statistics show that Facebook penetration in the country is worse than we actually imagine. By the end of January ,Socialbakers released another statistics which showed that It also illustrated that the number of FB users in the country grew by more than 1 in the last six months from August to January They alsoclaimed that social networking sites do not harm academic performance of students because, according to them, students are managing their timeefficiently.

Although these studies are partially correct, there scope is limited only in their countries and these cannot assure the same scenario in the country. Additionally, according to Cadiao , who focused her study on Filipino college students, Facebook provides social, mental, emotional and technological benefits to students thus it helps them improve their academic life. However, Cadiao did not consider the concept of Facebook addiction in her study and focused on moderate Facebook usage only.

In addition, she centered her study only on student perspective which is a can be considered as a relative variable. Nevertheless,Rouis, Limayem, and Sangari as well asKirschner and Karpinski stated thatFacebook lowers grades because students spent less time in studying than those who do not use social networking sites. Similarly, Ahmed and Qazi mentionedKubey, Lavin and Barrows saying that social networking sites cause impairment of academic performance and internet dependency.

Banquil and Burce also noted that the grades of social networking sites users are dropping continuously. Likewise, Nalwa and Anand suggested that addiction to social networking sites leads to poor academic performance because addicted users prefer to use internet instead of taking their personal and professional responsibilities. There are many different ways in minimizing FB addiction but it cannot assure total eradication of the problem.

The very basic step in avoiding FB addiction is to admit that you are addicted to Facebook. An internet article by Thurs , also presented several ways of minimizing Facebook usage. Also, if a person wants to permanently block social networking sites, thedailymind. A neat little Notepad will appear with a bunch of computer jargon on it. Scroll down to the last line of that code and type After that Facebook will never show up on your PC again. You can substitute the domain for any other domain that you do not want to view. Beforeanalyzing facts and data about Facebook addiction, the researcher presented a brief background about the history of Facebook and its features as a social networking site in order to have a clearer idea on why Facebook addiction arises and how it affects the Filipino youth.

In addition, the researcherpresentedcertain statistics about the status of Facebook addiction in the Philippines and analyzedthe impact of Facebook addiction on Filipino students. Lastly, the researcher presentedpracticable ways on minimizing Facebook usage and lessening its ill effects. Even with many contrasting views on the effects of Facebook addiction on students, the researcher affirms that Facebook addiction contributes negative impact on Filipino students.

Similarly, the researcher defends his claim because some of these recent studies do not reflect the cases in the Filipino communitydue to differences ofFacebook penetration in countries and some of them are based on moderate Facebook usage only. Finally, theresearcher recommends that the Filipino society must take Facebook addiction seriously and parents must guide the youth, particularly the students, in preventing FB addiction.

He also asserts that the local government must promulgate policies to regulate theinternet usage of minors in their respective localities and the national government must impose regulations on advertisements and other related subjects insocial networking sites. Facebook policy should also be enhanced to regulate Facebook usage of minors. Lastly, further studies should be made regarding the topic because the number of FB users is still growing and Facebook trends, together with other trends of other modern-based technology, varies from time to time. Are you a Facebook addict. Are social networks taking over our lives.

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Negative effects of Facebook addiction.

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Facebook addiction definition: Excessive time on Facebook. Available: personalweb. Addicted to Facebook. Facebook- The complete biography. Book Sources Hagedorn, R. Sociology 5th ed. The filing of charges will start the preliminary probe of the case. The office added that the respondents, except Vice President Binay, face administrative charges for grave misconduct, serious dishonesty and conduct prejudicial to the best interest of the service.

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According to the complaints, the respondents awarded the P11,, contract for the design and architectural services to MANA without public bidding, and that periodic payments were released to MANA without its corresponding deliverables under the contract. The office added that the bidding and the construction for Phases I and II out of five phases of the carpark building pushed through without a detailed engineering plan from MANA, a violation of procurement laws and regulations. The complaint added that the procurement and award of the construction contract to Hilmarc were marred by irregularities including the use of falsified documents.

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