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But it's not as straightforward as you might think. Even though astrology can't guarantee these things, it can show us an increased likelihood of when things could happen. Astrology works a little differently than your average psychic reading. First, an astrologer will ask for your birth date, time, and location, to create your natal chart.

Then, they'll look at the current transiting planets to give you a picture of what's happening in the sky right now and how it may be affecting your life. For example, if Mercury is in retrograde and you suddenly start thinking about your ex, an astrologer may advise you to avoid going down that path until Mercury goes direct. So astrology is useful if you're looking for explanations about why certain things are happening in the present and why they happened in the past.

Many times, it can be really accurate. When it comes to the future, "an astrologer would reluctantly make a prediction," Francesca Oddie , astrologer and author, tells Bustle. But they can use different methods of "progressing" someone's birth chart in order to see what's unraveling in the future. When it comes to finding love or getting married, these are just some of the things astrologers look at. Your birth chart contains information on where the Sun, Moon, Venus, and other planets were in the sky when you were born.

Marriage Calculator

In astrology, there are also 12 houses in your chart that rule certain areas of your life. As the planets move though each house, it can make certain things more challenging or luckier for you. According to O'Connor, long-term partnerships, relationships, and marriage all fall under a person's seventh house. When Venus is moving or transiting through your seventh house, you may feel a little more affectionate and giving in your relationship. But if you're looking for love, you should try to figure out when Jupiter transits your seventh house as it's the planet of luck and opportunity.

If you're not married, it will often indicate a marriage or commitment to someone. An easier way to figure out a good time to find love and get married is to look for your Saturn Return. From my experience, this house in the horoscope indicates the House of Relationships , dealing with your love and marriage issues.

The 7th House is astrologically seen as a house of intimate partnerships, like marriage specifically. If you are married to someone, then there must be a deep commitment of love between you two.

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  6. Be patient and they will come to your life at the right time! Aside from telling you when you will get married, astrology can help predict your husband name also. Remember, the moment Jupiter transits your 7th House, the higher chance you will meet your life partner. Jupiter tends to transits this house for nearly one year; this means you have the opportunity to take care of your love relationship as well as other favorable partnerships.

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    You need time to feel sociable, affectionate, loving, generous, and capable of developing intimacy with others. Only if you have the confidence, you will have the courage to express yourself mannerly in the matrimony. Additionally, possessing the positive energy and optimistic perspective will attract more people so that you can engage in open and honest relationships.

    During that period, you may also realize your love and gestures for the partner are greater than the affections you used to have when first married. Read more: Life Prediction by Date of Birth. Whether you are young or old, there are times you will start thinking about your future with a very special one.

    When Will I Get Married? How To Figure Out The Answer Using Astrology

    Nevertheless, planning your marriage is on another level. It is even difficult especially when you have yet found your life partner. The purpose of this planning is to figure out the best time to get married, and you can receive the guidance using astrology and your zodiac sign.

    Will I Marry Again? Astrology of Multiple Marriages with Kesenya and Astrolada

    You probably either get married sooner or decide to stay single as your true love has not appeared yet. No one can assure about your destiny in the future!

    Check your Marriage Prediction

    Talking about the marriage calculator based on date of birth, each zodiac sign expects different things in life. Also, life is not the race as none of us have the same speed — some are fast-paced whereas others are slow-paced, some achieve great success within years while some need the longer time to gain the same result.

    When will I get Married Astrology by Date of Birth?

    Therefore, you should not compare when it comes to life, love, and career. So, if your horoscope tells you that is the year of your maturity or you are ready for the future, then you should consider to get married soon. As I mentioned above, here is the answer for the question of when you will get married based on astrology:.

    Can astrology predict how the future husband looks like?

    Chart Clues to Marriage—Will You or Won’t You? | Sky Writer

    For the accurate prediction, it all depends on different factors. For anyone who are concerning about the time you should get married or your future spouse, this horoscope report analyzing your 7th house will give you the answer in details. With the when will I get married astrology service, astrologers will calculate all the planetary positions at the exact time you were given birth for the interpretation; and then, they will continue analyzing different prospects related to your future married life.